The Yoga is an important practice on 'Surf Yoga Retreat' routine.

       For us, everything begins when you take your time, calm your mind to recover the memory of who you are and what you miss in the middle of your rush.


      Our pourpose is to make you mentaly present while desenvolve the activities, starting a speech with your own body, from your breathness and entering in a world that is inside of each one of us. Then the distractions becomes smaller and easier to find the Yoga's essence: mind command and reconnect with your own being.


       Yoga will bring to our guests more flexibility, core strength, stretch, balance, body presence and consciousness does not mattering age or level, once improve all body operation. 


       We believe that the yoga, the surf, nice atmosphere combining with our Healthy Food Menu, it will give to you a essential life quality and perfect Holiday.


       The sessions run twice a day and happen on the Surf Yoga Retreat Lounge area, Surf Yoga Retreat Deck (NEW), on the Dhoni Boat, on the Bikini Beach and on sandbank.


       Everyone is welcome to join the sessions, always conducted with small groups to be adapted for different levels and suit all the customers needs.


       Mostly on mornings before breakfast: we wake up the body slowly to revitalize, prepare and energize to the surf. And after second surf session to recover, to align and relax the body with the sunset. You can get full pack or choose single sessions. Get in contact for more information or details and price.