The meals for us who love surf, it is the essencial detail which is gonna impact and improve your performance at surf time. The point is that not all of food combines with the sport, once we need to be prepared to spend too much energy and some hours in the sea.

A healthy meal must be a consistent source of nutrients in composition, because beyond the physical effort required by surf, the solar radiation accelerates the loss of water in the human body. After surf, the ingestion is focused in hydration and muscle recovery (from possible small lesions).

Having knowledge of this need, the Surf Yoga Retreat Menu was developed with a Brazilian Nutritionist to help us offer the best source of balanced & nutritious ingredients for our guests and to keep the variety. We explore all the vegetables of the island according to seasonality of each one and around western dishes.

You will enjoy every taste and feel not so far from home. Our food is not spicy, it has the home-made special touch and is ALWAYS suited for VEGETARIANS and reduced options for VEGANS.

If you have diet restriction, allergy or anything, needing a more special care, please contact us and bring your own food complementary diet.